Dear Friends and Devotees:
Generosity has been an integral part of Shiva Vishnu Temple and has come from inspiration. If our reaching you has inspired you as well with this temple's cause, vision and what it has to offer then you are most welcome to join us... Your generosity in any size donation and form is very much appreciated.
The temple will be pleased to engrave your name gold embossed on a 2ft X 2ft granite and place it Permanently on sides of the walkway bridge to the main entrance just for US $251.00. You can do it for your dear one's name also.
You can have various puja (services) performed to the Lord's form you cherish most! Have an occasion to celebrate then what could be a better place than in the vicinity of the Lord? Other available ways are - sponsoring AD in our publications.
Contributions can be made in name of 'Shiva Vishnu Temple' and are US tax deductible. You will receive receipt from the management. The Mailing address is:
P.O. Box 29508,
7733 Ridge Road,
Parma, Ohio 44129