Welcome to the Shiva Vishnu Temple

As you enter the Shiva Vishnu temple premises, you'll find it residing on a 32 acre land with scenic surroundings. The Shiva Vishnu temple reaches out to serve spiritual, cultural and social dimensions of the society. This Hindu temple (Vedic temple) is open to ALL and serves ALL. It is a history made as a result of dedicated and loving efforts of leading members of Cleveland community who intended to shape a vision and the Shiva Vishnu Temple Logo subscribes that vision. In a true sense - it is a temple of the people, for the people and by the people. It is the result of generosity of people and consequently the temple has an interesting timeline. Whether you are visiting us to find some quick information or just taking a web tour of our temple/Viewing and Understanding Deities (DARSHAN) or browsing through the picture portfolio or listening to the devotional music, you will find this site both informative and enjoyable. This site is updated frequently adding to your visiting pleasure. We welcome any constructive comments and input to serve you. Please have a pleasant tour of our temple ...and don't forget to bid us a cyber good-bye with a mouse click!