On April 22, 2001 this Shiva Vishnu Temple website completes two years since it was launched as a multi-media website on April 22, 1999... though the initial start up was some time before April '99 by Vijay Krishna.

The Temple thanks:
. The Road Runner Corp. for providing free web hosting support
. Shirish Patel for some of the digital pictures of the deities for April '99 website launch
. Ramesh Mehta for always lending his digital camera for the photography for the website.
. Yahoo for free calendar, HTML Gear for free Guestbook and Link Exchange for free website counter
. You the visitors of this website.

About 2,400 world wide visitors viewed this website in the first year. The site's view rate was about 300 webpages per week. The website visitors incresed to about 13,500 in the second year while the webpages viewed per week rate was about 1,100. The third year website visitors increased to 20,000 and webpages viewed increased to 2,300 per week.

This website's theme - to provide an enriching experience that one can share with others, our visitors' interests surely stand out from the average internet surfing community where websites catering auctions, gambling or chats etc. are of prime interest. The usage of this website is quite encouraging on that account.

Please enjoy your visits and we will continue to deliver useful, authentic as well as enjoyable contents to serve you.